Clinical Resources for Mental Health Professionals

Two chairs. One hour. Endless possibilities.
Expand your clinical skillset to support your clients through each phase of their healing journey.

Because competence and confidence feels pretty damn good. 
Write your awesome label here.

You've done the hard work to get
people in the door ... now what?

Your license is hanging on the wall behind you.
You have the *perfect* loveseat and low maintenance plants picked out for your sunny office. 
You've grabbed coffee with the other clinicians in town and and you're really getting your name out there.  

And the phone is finally starting to ring!
And to be honest you're low key freaking out!

"Ummmm, can someone please remind me exactly what I'm supposed to do next?"

Every single one of us has been there.

Even though you're educated and experienced, private practice feels like a whole new ballgame.
Sometimes you find yourself at a loss for words and the silence feels unbearable.
Sometimes you're just not exactly sure what to say next.  

Take a deep breath. Unclench your jaw.
We got you!

Mental Health Masterminds offers a one-stop shop to learn skills, scripts,
and specific interventions that you can use TODAY with your own clients. 

Not sure exactly what you need to do for an intake?
We've got you covered with attorney approved paperwork and training on everything
from finding your ideal clients through writing session notes. 

Interested in learning about specific interventions and how to help move clients through their healing journey?
We've got that covered with a wide variety of skills-specific and diagnosis-specific
trainings that include video tutorials, handouts, and scripts so you'll always know what to do next. 

So kick back, grab a snack, and let's level up your confidence!

Our courses

Why train with MHMM?

Licensed Clinicians 

Our trainings are facilitated by licensed mental health clinicians with years of direct practice experience and a passion for helping others flourish.

Skill building 

Our trainings provide video instruction combined with practical tools, helpful scripts, and printable handouts that you can start using with your clients today.

So. Much. Content.

We offer a ton of densely packed, research-backed information delivered through videos, live trainings, and written materials. 

Explore and grow

Want to pick up a new skill? Interested in an entirely new area of clinical practice? We offer affordable options to help you explore and grow your knowledge.
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